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A Relevant Guide to Rebranding in 2020 and Beyond

Jul 9, 2020 | Design Tips

How do I know if I should rebrand?

When you started your business you most likely had a specific vision, mission and target market… that might have changed somewhat now.  It’s possible, that as your business has developed and evolved and even more in recent times, pivoted to better focus & suit the needs of your customers. This means that your original brand voice has changed and therefore, your branding should move to reflect this.

Outdated or irrelevant branding can create a disconnect between you and your ideal customer and that will undoubtably have a negative effect of your business activity and its continued growth and success and who needs that, right?

But where to start? How much will it cost to rebrand my business and what’s the best way to do it? Do I need to totally rebrand or can I partially rebrand just as effectively?

The struggle is real…

Time, budget and having the right information/knowledge are often the stumbling blocks that we, as business owners, inevitably face. Sometimes it goes in the ‘too hard basket’ or the ‘later’ pile, and as busy people this is completely understandable. But can you afford to avoid rebranding any longer?

If you have been considering improving the aesthetic and vision for your brand or making an adjustment focused on your visual brand identity to suit new offerings or markets, here’s some reasons why you can’t afford to put it off.

Reasons to Rebrand



Pivot/repositioning or updating your business model and offerings

Things change, so do your customers’ needs & therefore so do you. Post COVID 19 business model?



Location change or additional locations added

Does your brand reflect your growth?



Mergers or collaborations

New team, new brand?

The Benefits of Rebranding

Become relevant and start to lead in your industry

Fresh ideas create excitement and renewed energy

Attract new clients and achieve a return on your investment

Elevate your brand voice with clarity and vision

Excite your current clients & exceed their expectations

Communicate to your audience exactly who you are and why they need you

How to Rebrand your Business

Redefine your target market.

Reexamine and define your business’ renewed vision, mission, and values.

Look at your competition – has this changed?

Rename your business or modify to streamline or become more relevant.

Rebuild your new brand identity and awareness.

Rebrand Your Business

Logo, colour palette, typography imagery and brand guides are essential to your rebrand and are included in our packages.

Planning or making time to effectively plan is essential in the success of your rebrand, so make sure give it the time an energy needed.

Lumina collaborator and business coach Natalie can help you with this planning and help you structure your goals and ideas to move forward to pave your way to success – making this process understandable and achieving your objectives.

Our team are adept at building your brand identity from your goals with outcome driven processes that ensure your rebrand is carried out professionally with optimal results.

Ok so you know why you should rebrand, what’s the next step?

Engaging the right help is essential and is based on 3 key points: Trust, Value and Results. 


We are small business owners and we have rebranded too, so we absolutely, 100% understand the process.  We commit to providing complete transparency, always! We believe that trust and understanding are essential in successful business building and relationships. Backed by our team (our Lumina family) and holding ourselves to the highest industry standards, we guarantee our work and our dedication to your business success is paramount.


Consistently providing a personalised, guided and strategic approach to your rebrand is our specialty. Our success comes from your success and therefore we never tackle a project without our full commitment to achieving the best results. Going the extra mile, you will see that we not only provide a return on investment, but strive to exceed your expectations.


Our track record both as freelance designers and small business owners is something we are extremely proud of. We know that we provide excellence in design and dedication to our clients. You can see from our expanding portfolio that we don’t just design logos and websites, we light up your brand and give you the foundations and key tools to achieve your goals and thrive. Check out how we have helped clients such as Hideaway Weddings rebrand ↓

Hideaway Weddings


→ Formerly Beerwah Hideaway ←

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