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When Brooke and Nicole were introduced, they immediately noticed that they had a great connection and had similar experiences in common in their professional lives.

Whilst working on a design job together, they got to chat about their goals for their own individual businesses moving forward and how very much aligned they were. A trial collaboration of their services began and they worked on several projects together from branding through to website design.  These proved very successful and they knew they had something special to offer.  Their values in customer service and quality practices allowed them to form a unique partnership that they knew would enhance the delivery, outcomes and value they could provide for their clients.

Initially they worked on their brand identity and strategy. Identifying their core values and unique offerings, they brainstormed furiously to come up with their name Lumina Design House.

Coming from the Italian word ‘Luminoso’ was their adaptation ‘Lumina’, relating to their vibrancy, light energy and their ambition to ‘light up your brand’.

‘Design House’ captures their values in family and honesty and their personalised service with similarities to a feeling of being embraced by one’s own family.

Definition: luminoso. adjective. bright [adjective] shining with much light. light [adjective] having light; not dark. luminous [adjective] giving out light.

“Each of our fundamental business practices have not changed, they have instead been enhanced to offer you, our clients, a much more value rich service and comprehensive range of essential and complimentary services.”

Together with our supportive team, it is our genuine belief that personalised service and great communication is the key to successful outcomes. It is our fundamental ambition to provide the highest standards and exceed expectations whilst nurturing and supporting each individual through the process of business branding development and implementation, making each step in the journey transparent and easy to understand so that you feel confident and proud to deliver your brand to the world.

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