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Apr 6, 2021 | Design Tips

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How to choose the right

Colour Palette

for your brand

There isn’t always a perfect formula, but choosing the most effective colours for you brand can be achieved by following this simple guide…


Start by choosing a colour that you feel represents your business, a bold or vibrant colour that you love. This colour will be the highlight and likely the colour that grabs attention and is the most memorable in your palette.

Complimentary /Contrasting

Now choose a colour that complements or is in contrast to the bold colour – try using the colour wheel.


Choose a neutral shade that pairs well with the bold & complementary colours. This colour will help bring your scheme together and be used as an accent colour in your branding.


Choose a dark colour next. Black, navy, deep teal, dark grey for example, are great and are essential to your branding pallete. This colour will be used for text, headings etc.


A light shade or two will be used to bring your palette together, it will support the other colours by being background colours. These colours will compliment your brand palette.

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