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The right words can transform your brand, capturing the essence of what you do and sharing it in a way that captivates and engages. Our copywriting service ensures your message is not only clear and compelling but also uniquely yours.

We take a thoughtful and strategic approach to developing your brand’s voice, understanding your goals, and translating them into impactful content. From website copy to marketing materials, our expert copywriter crafts words that align perfectly with your brand’s identity and vision.

Recognising the power of words in differentiating your brand from competitors and connecting deeply with your audience, we pour our passion and skill into every piece of content we create.

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Shelley Sunjka - Copywriter & Content Creator

Meet Shelley

Copywriter & Content Creator



Shelley is a freelance copywriter and content creator irrationally obsessed with Okapi’s.

Driven by a passion for wildlife conservation, autism, special needs, mental health, wellness, and personal development, she’s on a mission to help NGOs and brands that dare to make a difference stand out through her love for storytelling. She has never really been one for “the rules” but that serves a career in copywriting really well as now she can be a rebel WITH a cause!

Shelley holds a BA in Health and Social Sciences and graduated her Honors Degree in Psychology (Cum Laude), but quickly realised that while she was good at helping people make their problems go away, her clients were better served with her in front of a laptop than in a therapist’s chair. With over a decade of wordsmithing under her belt, what get’s her up in the morning (besides her noisy children) is helping people to take that ‘thing’ they love and bring it to life through exquisite storytelling.

“I love nothing more than helping my clients make a difference by bringing their service or product to life in a vividly memorable way.”

She has always been a staunch supporter of “adopt, don’t shop” and has been lucky enough to share her life with some incredible rescue pets over the years. She currently has 3 rescue kitties that are undoubtedly the boss of her – she has accepted her life of servitude with grace and dignity.

When she’s not using her words to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, she can be found exploring the Irish countryside with her 3 rambunctious children, losing spectacularly to competitive family Uno, or chomping her way through a completely ridiculous sized bowl of popcorn. 

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