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Plants & Productivity

Jun 11, 2021 | Design Tips

Running any type of business has its ups and downs, whether you are in a boardroom, a retail store or your home office. More often than not, our emotional and physical wellbeing is affected by rigorous duties and stressful workloads and if we aren’t feeling the best, our productivity can decline as well as our motivation!


What can we do to combat these feelings?


I am a designer, not a scientist, so I am not going to tell you that I have the magic remedy for ‘the 3.30 slump’, or chronic ‘Monday-itis’. But I can tell you what Nicole and I and our team find helpful to us… so here’s what we reckon…


Plants • Plants • Plants

Who doesn’t love an indoor plant or two (or more, in our case!) Teamed with that fab Kmart pot you got for $15, your fiddle leaf fig is not only making more oxygen for you, she’s lifting your mood and giving you those feel-good vibes. We LOVE Plants here at Lumina, so much so we are thinking we might need to impose a much tighter ‘plant budget’.

From big glossy green leaves to colourful little succulents, you can find the perfect plant to suit your space even if your thumbs aren’t green. Low maintenance specimens like ‘Zanzibar’, don’t need much water at all, in fact, I am told that they thrive on neglect, and they still proudly sport their shiny little leaves regardless. Win-win!

So, what are the benefits really, like, according to science?

(Ok, ok… yep, I googled it)

“The benefits of indoor plants are well documented and have been proven in several scientific studies.”

According to ‘The Plant Man’ “Making a small investment in some indoor desk plants could have a huge impact on your wellbeing and even the success of your business.”

And here’s why:

  • Indoor Plants Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Having Plants in the Office Improves Air Quality
  • Office Plants Help to Improve Physical Health and Reduce Sickness Rates
  • Looking at Nature Can Inspire Creativity
  • An Office with Indoor Desk Plants is Attractive and Welcoming for Clients
  • Finally, plants can be used for purely practical purposes, to act as a visual barrier between work zones, or placed on a windowsill to reduce the amount of light coming in from a too-bright window at certain times of day. A strategically positioned office plant can be used to hide a bundle of unattractive cabling or fill the space in a weird alcove or a bookcase that’s conspicuously empty.

Sourced from:

So, if your workplace could use a green injection to combat those work day blues, then check out your local markets, Bunnings and nurseries or you could even look into corporate plant hire places, where all the guess work and maintenance is done for you!

Here’s some of our office plants… oh and our director of snuggles and snoozing Miss Smidge… who you see here is enjoying the benefits of the Lumina office plants!

Plants + Pets = Productivity… or relaxation in Smidge’s case!

Brooke's Office Plant
Lumina Director of Snuggles & Snoozing
Brooke's Office Plant

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